Our company

SupraScoop is an analytical based technology platform that specializes in the provision of social prospecting and analytical services using advanced data mining algorithms and natural language processing formulas. The technology is considered a breakthrough in the field of definitive algorithmic filtering and predictive analytics. The SupraScoop conceptual framework will expand to include the development of a dual transactional access token based on blockchain technology.

The company seeks to position SupraScoop as the leading provider of pre-defined social prospecting and intent mining data channels with multiple added value data monitoring tools. In so doing it plans to meet the following key objectives:

The creation of a super brand

Following the successful strategies of leading subscription-based companies SupraScoop aims to invest in the establishment of a global brand. The creation of a recognizable brand will enable SupraScoop to leverage its position with data service providers to increase the scope and depth of its data services.

The guarantee of user satisfaction

The culture of SupraScoop is to maintain a standard of service excellence and quality. The online support infrastructure has been developed with this focus in mind.

The promotion of user loyalty

A high level of user retention within the user database will enable SupraScoop to increase the inherent value of its key services, whilst at the same time creating a strong customer base from which to leverage the launch of future product offerings.