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The dashboard dashboard

Your active campaigns

On your dashboard you will find a summary of your current active campaigns for your account. Each account has a limited number of campaigns that can be created for each of the various campaign types. This section of the dashboard will allow you to see what your usage cap is and how much of your cap you have already used. This allows you to see how many more campaigns you may still create for each campaign type.

Your campaign limits will be based on the subscription plan that you have chosen for your specific account. Therefore, the campaign limits that you see on your dashboard may differ from this image, as it is based on your chosen subscription plan, as well as the number of campaigns that you have currently created. For more information about the types of campaigns that can be created and how to create these campaigns, please visit our campaigns page to find out more.

Active campaigns
Your current campaign results

On your dashboard you will find a bar chart illustrating the number of results obtained for your hashtag track, brand watch and twitter search campaigns throughout the day. This allows you to identify trends and peak periods throughout the day whereby the topic at hand is trending on social media, as well as track when the leads for your various campaigns are being generated.

Campaign results
Your result map

On the dashboard you will also find a map illustrating where your leads, from your various campaigns, are being generated from around the world. This allows you to identify where, geographically, the topic at hand is trending. The result map can be used to view where all of your leads are being generated from.

Result map
The navigation pane

The navigation pane is your main source of navigation on the application. It can be accessed by selecting the menu button at the top left of the page. Here you will find all the necessary paths that will be needed to access your specific campaigns, as well as all the other features and aspects of the SupraScoop product. Any new campaigns or features that are added to the system will appear and can be accessed through the navigation pane. New campaigns will be marked with a green "new" label for easy identification.

The dashboard tutorial can also be accessed by clicking on the information icon at the top right of the page. This will provide you with information about the various features of the SupraScoop site and will explain the purpose of each selection option in the navigation pane and how each can be used in a step-by-step fashion. Upon your first log in, the dashboard tutorial will appear automatically.