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What is SupraScoop and how does it work?

We use our systems to pull a huge amount of data from various social media platforms, which we use to analyze and identify commercial intent and generate potential leads for different business classifications and geo locations.

Lead generation is complimented by enhanced analytics that we generate using advanced natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithms.

As a subscriber, you have the opportunity to engage with the leads you select from a live stream of potential data.

How do I register for SupraScoop?

Please contact our sales team, in order to set up a SupraScoop account.

How do I log into SupraScoop?

Please navigate to the SupraScoop login page, in order to access your SupraScoop account. Correctly enter your login credentials and you will be gain access to your account.

account_circle How do I know which subscription my account is registered on?

SupraScoop is available in four subscriptions plans, namely: Basic, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. There is also a 7 day trial account, whereby you receive one of each campaign and a single user access. After this 7 day period, your trial account will be terminated and you will be prompted to select a subscription plan should you choose to do so.

Each subscription plan provides you with various levels of lead engagement, analytics and data, which are dependent on your needs and requirements. Each subscription plan allows for a certain number of active campaigns to be created, as well as a limited number of users that can be created on your account. The enterprise account plan allows you to create your own package by specifying the number of campaigns that you require for each campaign type, based on your individual needs and requirements. This account plan is subject to a personalised quote that will be generated based on your requirements.

Please enquire about our plans to compare pricing and features or, additionally, you may visit our product pricing page for more information.

Why can't I access my campaigns?

In order for your campaigns to become accessible, you need to link your Twitter account to your SupraScoop account.

In order to do this, proceed to the Account page, where you will have the option to link your Twitter account; this can be seen towards the top half of the page. You will then be redirected to the respective social media login pages, after which you will return to SupraScoop, provided the login was successful. Your campaigns will now be accessible.

Please note that only a user with Managerial or Administrative permissions will be able to link/unlink social media accounts.

What are the differences between the various campaign types?

There are six types of campaigns that serve different purposes. It is important to create the correct campaign to suit your various needs and requirements.

Intent campaigns are used to search for posts that display commercial intent on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This campaign is used to mine for indications of commercial intent related to specific topics on social media. Intent campaigns do not require handles or hashtags to be followed and will generate prospects using intent mining algorithms and advanced language processing formulas.

Hashtag track campaigns are used to monitor the activity around a specific hashtag on Twitter. This campaign is used to monitor activity around a specific hashtag on Twitter. Hashtag track campaigns can be used to monitor reactions to a hashtag, view how they are trending within various countries around the world or, simply, as a tool to identify and engage with a specific type of person with specific interests.

Brand watch campaigns allow you to monitor the activity around specific brands on Twitter. This campaign is used to monitor activity around a specific brand/handle and monitor how a brand is being perceived by the public. This can, therefore, be used to monitor the image of a specific competitor.

Brand track campaigns allow you to track a specific Twitter handle, through the generation of weekly statistics and trends about the brand or person's account. This allows you to monitor trends and/or changes the followers of the account, as well as the posts that are being made using the account. A graphical representation of these statistics and trends are generated, in order to provide you with meaningful and easy-to-understand information.

Twitter search campaigns allow you to find posts on Twitter that are tailored to your specific needs or requirements. This is achieved by building your own custom filter through the creation form, which allows you to specify a number of parameters, in order to ensure that you obtain results that meet your requirements and expectations.

Tweet snap campaigns allow you to generate a wide array of statistics around a specific topic on Twitter. This is achieved by providing statistics and information regarding aspects such as the most used hashtags, the most retweeted posts, as well as the spread of languages being used around the specified topic.

Where are my campaign results?

Campaign results may take some time to come through, depending on the nature of the campaign. However, please note that certain topics are not very popular on social media and, therefore, very few leads may be generated in these circumstances. For all campaigns except intent campaigns, it may take up to 15 minutes for your first batch of results to come through.

Please note that campaigns not generating your desired results is out of the hands of our SupraScoop team, as we simply collect the leads that are currently available and have been posted, as opposed to creating leads for you. If the nature of your campaign is not a popular one, there is nothing that we can do.

How do I begin?

Begin by connecting your Twitter account to your SupraScoop account, from the Account page by clicking on the Link button below the Twitter icon.

Upon successfully connecting your SupraScoop account to your Twitter account, all initial users should be created and granted access to the system. This will ensure that all required users have their own respective login credentials, in order to access the system successfully.

Please note that it is important to regularly check your dashboard, in order to keep track of your subscription usage limits.