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What does this page do?

The notifications page allows you to set up and control which associated users receive email notifications regarding your SupraScoop account. This page is reserved for administrators and managers to manage the distribution of important account related notifications. Only users that are currently associated with the SupraScoop account may be added to be notified by the system.

Email notifications will occur when any important changes are made to the SupraScoop account, such as when your billing information needs to be updated or your account has been archived/suspended. The selected users will be notified immediately via email, however, this feature is completely optional and can be disabled.

Please be advised that we do not recommend turning off your account notifications, as this may lead to you missing important updates and/or changes.

What type of notifications are available for me to choose from?

At this point in time, there is only one form of account notification available, however, there will be others in the future that can be chosen from. All selected users will be notified of all important account updates and changes via email. Once more advanced features have been implemented into the system, there will be other forms of notifications available to you to choose from.

Will I be receiving spam mail or unnecessary update notifications?

No spam mail will be sent to you and strictly only important account related notifications will be sent to you, in order to notify you and keep you up to date with any changes and/or modifications to your SupraScoop account.