Your privacy & security security

enhanced_encryption Data encryption keeps your data private at all times

SupraScoop takes all the necessary measures to protect any and all of your sensitive information while making use of the system. We achieve this through the use of multiple layers of security, which includes leading encryption technology, such as HTTPS, as well as transport layer security. The protection of your information is our top priority, in order to ensure that our users are completely protected and satisfied while making use of our system.

cloud_done Our cloud infrastructure has 24/7 uptime

At SupraScoop, we pride our system with having a 24/7 uptime, which ensures that our services are made available to you at any time of the day, around the world. The SupraScoop system makes use of a reliable cloud infrastructure that is constantly being monitored by our team, in order to ensure that your data is protected and our services are constantly available to you when you require them. Our infrastructure, therefore, has a 99.9% uptime, which eliminates the possibility of the system not being accessible to you.

We protect our system and infrastructure through threat detection and prevention

We are constantly monitoring our services and platform for any form of underlying threats, in order to identify and rectify them as quickly and effectively as possible. This ensures that our users are not impacted. We protect our infrastructure from threats such as spam, malware, viruses and any other forms of malicious code.

For more information regarding spam threats, please read through our anti-spam policy to gain a better understanding of what we do.

stop_screen_share We do not sell or share your information with other entities

The integrity of all the information that you provide to us through the use of the SupraScoop system is completely protected and is not shared, sold or distributed, in any way, with external entities for any reason. Therefore, users can be assured that their information is secure and that there is no sort of monitoring processes taking place on their actions. The security of user information is of utmost importance to us. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page to find out more.

enhanced_encryption Password policy

Due to increased security risks in today's day and age, password security is the first line of defence for your account. For this reason, we suggest making use of the following password creation guidelines, when setting up the password of your account, in order to achieve maximum security.

  • Make use of a strong password that you do not reuse for other websites, while still making sure that your password is easy to remember. We suggest making use of a password management tool in order to store login passwords in the case where you struggle to remember them.
  • Create a password of at least 8 characters long.
  • Make use of a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols within your password, in order to increase password complexity.
  • Avoid making use of personal information in your password, which includes birthdays, family member names, etc.
  • Do not make use of common dictionary words that are easily guessed, with the word "password" being a common example.