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SupraScoop users

What is the users page for?

The users page allows you to monitor and control user access to your account. From the users page you are able to create or add users to your account, which provides these users with access to the account and all the campaigns that are associated with your account.

From the users page, you are also able to edit existing users by changing their email address and/or lowering or promoting their user roles. Any role changes that are made will only take effect the next time the modified user logs into his/her account.

You are also able to remove users from your account, which ultimately revokes their access to the account. This is done by simply selecting a user and clicking on the "Delete" button on the navigation pane at the top of the page.

Please note that only users with system roles of "Manager" or higher are able to view and access the users page. Account administrators and managers are also able to modify and delete their own accounts and, therefore, careful consideration should be made when making changes to existing system users.

What are the different user access permissions?

There are three main user access roles on the SupraScoop system, with certain roles being limited in terms of certain system functionality. These roles are simple and rather similar in nature, however, there are slight differences.

Administrators are the only accounts that are able to edit account names, change user passwords and lock/unlock user accounts. Administrators have access to all system functionality and should be trusted users who are tasked with managing the account.

Managers are able to manage other users, linking of SupraScoop account to Twitter account and setting access limits on campaigns. This functionality is shared amongst system administrators, with managers being second on the system access hierarchy.

Users are able to access the various campaigns and all the functionality that comes with them. However, users are not able view the user accounts that are currently associated with the account or create and/or make modifications to these user accounts. Users are not able to make any modifications to the account itself or the settings thereof, as these actions are limited for to managers and administrators. The focus of the user account is, predominantly, the various campaigns.